Skopik's Mission Statement

  • Skopik Real Estate Investments provide a safe, well researched asset backed investment vehicle for our Strategic Investors, operating with full transparency within all aspects of our company.

  • We will maintain and manage our properties with our tenants' level of safety, security, health and overall experience at the forefront of our minds, allowing them and ourselves to take pride in our homes.

  • To bring the real estate industry into the information age, raising the standard for greater accountability, openness, honesty and efficiency.

What is Skopik Real Estate Investments?

Skopik Real Estate Investments is a company co-founded by Jamie Switch and Michael Moore, born out of our dissatisfaction with the current investment choices available to the general public. With RRSP's, GIC's and TFSA's offering interest rates as low as 1-2%, and with the cost of living going up 3% a year, the average person is actually losing money when investing in those vehicles.

We knew we could do better.

Skopik started as a B.C. based Investment Company and has since spanned across Canada, reaching as far as Nova Scotia. We use our Strategic Investors' capital to secure down payments on multifamily real estate investment properties. These properties show immediate cash flow, allowing for true passive real estate income. It is our goal each quarter, to maintain a 10% annually compounding return on investment for our Investors with very limited volatility, while providing well maintained homes for our tenants. We consistently reinvest in our units with value added upgrades and repairs for each individual project, increasing the value of the properties while the mortgages are being paid down.

Skopik Real Estate Investments believes in transparency and service. We are here to educate and raise the standard within the real estate industry, while providing a safe and secure asset backed investment vehicle, and we do so with pride.

Who is Skopik Real Estate Investments?

Jamie Switch

After completing his studies at Bow Valley College and the University of Calgary, Jamie worked his way through several positions in the service industry, most recently to Corporate Executive Bartender for the Glowbal Group.

Jamie has always had a deep interest in his family's business of real estate investing, being surrounded by it his whole life, knowing one day he would circle back to it. He entered into a joint venture with his parents and learned their approach to investing in real estate. Hungry for more, he partnered with Mike Moore and continued his education with Tigrent Learning, a private school focused on investment. Having completed several programs, Jamie and Mike knew it was time to take the next step. Skopik Real Estate Investments was created in 2013 and stands as Jamie's greatest life achievement thus far.

Michael Moore

Michael spent over a decade working through every avenue of the hospitality industry. He began as a dishwasher and ended up helping to build the Glowbal Restaurant Group brand as its first hire and eventually as Managing Partner. Michael's commitment to his peers, co-workers and clients has allowed him to build and maintain many fantastic business relationships that have resulted in true friendships.

Michael is proud of his latest venture with one of his best friends from his years in hospitality, Jamie Switch. Together they have achieved much, but their greatest achievements have begun with the founding of Skopik Real Estate Investments. Michael is the author of the upcoming book: The Bartender is Your Landlord, Why the Wealthy Elite Invest in Real Estate and How Anyone Can Join Their Ranks.

The Skopik Team

As we go about our business of investing in real estate we come across some pretty amazing people. Below you will find their names, professions and contact information. We will occasionally shoot a quick video outlining why they are such an asset to our team, and there will be a link from their name to their video as well. Please reach out to them, you will not regret it.

Paulina Kam
Lando & Co. LLP
Tel: 604.801.7338

Mary Ann MacCormick
Realtor with Coldwell Banker
David Butts Realty
Tel: 902.577.9898

Matthew Javadi
Docuplex Graphic & Prints Inc.

Andrew F. Schroeder, CPA CA
Partner Private Client Services
Tel: 604.267.7200 ext 101

Nicole Hicks
Property Manager
Tel: 902.669.2813