Skopik Investment Opportunity and Breakdown

We are seeking key Strategic Investors to help finance current and future multifamily real estate investment properties. Your capital will be used to cover down payment. For this we forecast a 10% annually compounding dividend return. This is explained in further detail below.

We hope you have read the 7 Steps to Investing in Multifamily Real Estate Income Properties, the direct strategy we use, which conveys how we keep the assets safe. Now allow us to evince the fail safes that we have put into place to keep your investments secure. We hope to answer any concerns you may have here. If we have not covered your particular question please contact us directly.

  • Strategic Investor: You will not be invested in one property. You will be invested in our holding corporation that is the parent company to all properties. This allows each of you the comfort of knowing that even if one property should stumble all investors should be able to reach projected dividend growth based on the strength of the whole corporation. Skopik Real Estate Investments is unique is this approach.

  • High interest rates: We are aware that interest rates can and will rise. We do not purchase properties that do not cash flow at the minimum of 1.5 points higher than the current interest rate. This allows some give. We also check the prime each month with a policy that should it jump two months in a row we will consider this a trend and lock our mortgage rates in. We do not gamble.

  • Poor economy: Buy! A poor economy is an investors dream. Prices drop, we buy for a better deal. It also means that less people are buying, more renting, which works in our benefit. We will be calling for more investments during this time!

  • Poor economy: We hope that our Strategic Investors understand that a poor economy is not a time to sell. Real estate is like anything else so it will drop in value during hard times. As stated above we hope to be buying and trust that our Strategic Investors will be in the same state. Should that not be the case we will have an outside company asses the value of each share and pay out appropriately. Worst case scenario we would have to sell off our properties for a discounted price and lose the equity.

  • High Vacancy: High vacancy can and will sink a real estate venture. As evidenced we allow a minimum of 5% vacancy. If the current vacancy rates are higher we adjust our numbers accordingly. We employ professional property managers who are positioned to advise us on rent prices, repairs and maintenance and value added upgrades that will work to keep our units full at all times. We treat our tenants with the same care and concern in which we treat our Strategic Investors. Without them we cannot operate.

Class 'B' Preferred Share

  • The Class 'B' Preferred Share has a par value of $10,000 per share. Class 'B' Preferred Shares can be purchased at a minimum of 1 share of $10,000 with no maximum. We may hold off on taking large share investments until we have an appropriate property lined up.

  • The foreseeable dividends for Class 'B' Preferred Shares are 10%.

  • Financing is to be held a minimum two year term and can be requested back at anytime after completion of term, to be paid up to, but not exceeding 187 days of request. If request is not made the financing will automatically be renewed in an open term.

  • Dividends will compound on initial investment, (added on an annual basis), they will receive the same dividend as initial investment and will continue to receive said treatment after completion of term if left in. Statements of account will be issued quarterly.

  • In the event in which the investor wishes to 'cash out' their accumulated dividends any time after the completion of the initial two year term, the same period of up to but not exceeding 187 days from request will be required. Initial investment will continue to generate divided with no penalty to investor.