A True Skopik Strategy

Skopik Real Estate Investments' key strategy is one of true scope. We invest our Strategic Investor's capital as down payments for cash flowing multifamily real estate. We put as much effort into researching the area, economy and culture of our purchases as we do the property itself. Our goal is to raise the value of our buildings, not rely on long term appreciation, but rather to plan for it. We want to change the standard of business within the real estate industry; insisting on responsible management from the purchase, the maintenance of the buildings, the care of our tenants, through to the eventual sale.

We take investment properties and we build them into Skopik Houses; a term we hope to coin as fair priced, well cared for properties that anyone would want to live in or purchase. A Skopik House is a thoroughly inspected building, with past maintenance properly recorded, and future maintenance strategically planned. Each Skopik House has a strong team attached, such as solid property management, experienced handymen, and a network of contractors familiar with the property, as well as fantastic tenants that have created a history with us through strong long term incentive programs. All incomes and expenses are properly recorded and kept to be referenced at anytime. We do not engage in common bad business practices such as hiding expenses or maintenance issues to make a sale. It is our hope that by committing to the highest level of transparency, Skopik Real Estate Investments will be known as the leader in the real estate industry for honesty and integrity.

Investment Opportunity and Breakdown

We are seeking key Strategic Investors to help finance current and future multi-family real estate investment properties. Your capital will be used to cover down payment. For this we forecast a 10% annually compounding dividend return. This is explained in further detail below.

We hope you have read the 7 Steps to Investing in Multifamily Real Estate Income Properties, the direct strategy we use, which conveys how we keep the assets safe. Now allow us to evince the fail safes that we have put into place to keep your investments secure. We hope to answer any concerns you may have here. If we have not covered your particular question please contact us directly.


Our Core Values and Commitments

Core Values

  • Be honest.
  • Innovate and Excel.
  • Constant Never Ending Self Improvement.
  • View Every Challenge as an Opportunity.
  • Mentor Those Who Wish to Learn and be Mentored by Those Who Value to Teach.
  • Build Open and Honest Relationships Through Transparency and Communication.
  • Bring Passion into Every Project.
  • Always Maintain Our Integrity.
  • Deliver Consistency.
  • Do More with Less.
  • Give Back.
  • Have Fun.


  • Keep true to our Core Values at any cost.
  • Building an outstanding culture around our business.
  • Serving everyone we come in contact with, any way we can.
  • Always being available, to both our tenants and Strategic Investors.
  • Mentoring new minds, while learning from their fresh views.
  • Improving our tenant's homes, adding value and pride.
  • Delivering a higher level of professionalism.
  • To educate, using all forms of multimedia.
  • Operating with upmost transparency.
  • Recognizing outstanding partners.