What is the Purpose of These Videos?

You ask a good question!

These videos are a chance for the founders to rant, vent, educate, raise & answer questions, and to tackle some of the issues surrounding the real estate industry that are not being addressed on a large enough platform. The videos also serve to give recognition to those who have excelled or made a positive difference in this industry and deserve the acknowledgement. They are intended as both educational and fun, but slightly more weight on the fun. As such we have limited them to three minutes flat, keeping us from drowning you in a boring sermon. Although we stand behind what we state the videos are not to be considered outright truth. Please take what we speak about and do research of your own. We are two investors who are outspoken, opinionated, brash and loud, yet ultimately successful. We want to share our experiences with you in hopes that you can share in our success and in our laughter!

New Videos Coming Soon!